All Fuel Optics goggles have a special lens coating. Only clean your goggle lens by using a cleaner specifically developed for lenses with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth or goggle bag.

To avoid damage to the lens, DO NOT clean your goggles with t-shirts, paper towels or snow yetis. These can grind dust and fibers into lenses leaving scratches. Avoid using household detergents, soaps or glass cleaners, which are highly corrosive and can damage your lenses quickly. Sunscreen and other lotions can also damage the paint and coating on the lens and frame.

    Lens Technology

      Fuel Optics offers top quality lenses for all weather conditions. Each lens we offer comes with an anti-scratch protective film plus anti-fog technology that will bring a superior comfort while performing your favorite winter sport. Not only that, but each lens comes with a UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun and glare.

      We offer 3 different lens options:

      X-Black: A dark grey lens that is great for any conditions from sunny to lower light days

      X-Red: A darker grey tone lens with a red revo mirror lens that offers maximum protection on those sunny days or conditions with a lot of glare

      X-Blue: A lighter lens with a blue tint perfect for the foggy and low light conditions

        Visible Light Transmission

          Red - 20% VLT - Great all around lens that also works great in darker conditions.

          Blue - 15% VLT - Great all around lens
          Black - 10% VLT - Best for super sunny days

          Each lens has a great over-all performance in different weather conditions but each one has its own optimum characteristics to better fit a specific weather: